Monday, August 29, 2011

Disney Products Made in Factories with Child Labor and Harsh Chemicals

I know. I know- yet another blast about some big rotten company taking advantage of cheaper labor rates to churn out mass marketed junk that consumers eat up everywhere. It's not that I'm blasting Disney or any other large company- it's just a gentle reminder that we should be more concerned as consumers about where our products come from. Think about it- it you bought from a local toy maker or made toys on your own then you would know the composition of the paint and finishes and materials that your child drools all over. It's the big company's responsibility to also make sure that products that are carrying their company name aren't being churned out of some horror factory- but honestly- we can take a bigger role. Handmade and sourcing from fair labor is truly more expensive- no doubt- but in this case- less is more.
Child Labor and Disney

This post was authored by Sarah, the principal designer from Sima Design. She runs an Etsy shop focusing on crafts and jewelry design with the help of her trusty  Epilog laser engraver and authors a blog while also working full-time as a mom of two.