Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brimming with Ideas for Clever Craft Show DIY Displays

I'm gearing up for my first really big craft show in October (Cowtown Indie Bazaar- check it out) and I'm stressing on the perfect display. I have all manner of random things I sell from boxes to games and puzzles and I perused the normal seller of such wares- but I can't see making something by hand and then using a tacky acrylic stand. Blah!  I also get inspired by all of these fantastic jewelry sellers I see out there- but they sell small things and not all of the ideas are portable to setting up larger items. Hopefully I'll come up with something clever in time for the show that I can reuse!
I've rustled up some of the best blog postings I've been able to find on the subject and hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

DFWCraftShows: Craft Show Survival Kit :: Part II - The Box

So nifty- checkout this fantastic resource on what to pack as a seller at craft shows. Maybe this will help you feel at least a teensy bit more prepared...

DFWCraftShows: Craft Show Survival Kit :: Part II - The Box: Last week, we covered Part I of The Craft Show Survival Kit: The Bag . Today, we will move onto some of The Bag’s most important content...