Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brimming with Ideas for Clever Craft Show DIY Displays

I'm gearing up for my first really big craft show in October (Cowtown Indie Bazaar- check it out) and I'm stressing on the perfect display. I have all manner of random things I sell from boxes to games and puzzles and I perused the normal seller of such wares- but I can't see making something by hand and then using a tacky acrylic stand. Blah!  I also get inspired by all of these fantastic jewelry sellers I see out there- but they sell small things and not all of the ideas are portable to setting up larger items. Hopefully I'll come up with something clever in time for the show that I can reuse!
I've rustled up some of the best blog postings I've been able to find on the subject and hope you enjoy!

There are from a great blog posting by Ivory Bird:
Paint Rollers! It makes me want to craft something in circles ;)

Adding Fabric or Lace to a Canvas or picture frame makes a great backdrop for hanging things!
I did score a fantastic vintage enamel strainer at a junk store one day- I wonder if I could work it in!

Shutters are great- I wish these fell from the sky for cheap. It gives a fantastic height element to your booth!

Here is another fantastic posting by Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night:
Ironing Board! What a great skinny table to use (Now if I could just hide the metal legs on mine!)

Check out this posting from the Indie Fixx:

I have to say- Painting up an inexpensive pegboard is super cute! Plus- she carries the theme in the clouds in the back!
Hello you adorable vintage suitcase! Come live in my booth and I'll make something to display in you!
This post was authored by Sarah, the principal designer from Sima Design. She runs an Etsy shop focusing on crafts and jewelry design with the help of her trusty  Epilog laser engraver and authors a blog while also working full-time as a mom of two. 

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