Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Oft Neglected Customer Feedback

I know what you are thinking- I don't neglect my feedback! I give every customer a great "Thank you, come again!" note.

Well ponder on this- perspective customers aren't just clicking on your product pages. They want to feel they can trust you. My top page according to my stats isn't my shop- it's my profile page. I don't see stats on the feedback page but I'm sure customers are clicking there as well. Seeing positive feedback gives customers a good feeling about your shop and they can get a glimpse into what other customers are saying about you. If it's lukewarm comments they are seeing versus spectacular overjoyed customers it can leave a different impression with your perspective buyer. On the same note- they can also click to see what kind of feedback you leave for your customers. If all they see if a long list of "Thank you, Come Again!" notes with a swirl thing and a bunch of exclamation marks- think about what a better impression it would make if each comment were different. Try and alter your comments or even include a little note if you know how your item is going to be used. Ask for a pic of the results if you sell supplies or send along Happy Birthday Wishes to the recipient of the gift just purchased. Think about what an honor it is to be chosen over the easier in-hand shopping experience of the mall or big box store. They just selected you to give their best friend a gift that is laced with meaning or has just the right personal touch. Don't blow it with a standard "Thank you!" comment- they deserve more than that and you can build a reputation and better shop impression to those perspective buyers hunting down details about your shop in the feedback section. Cover your bases and complete the customer experience!

This post was authored by Sarah, the principal designer from Sima Design. She runs an Etsy shop focusing on crafts and jewelry design with the help of her trusty  Epilog laser engraver and authors a blog while also working full-time as a mom of two. 

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