Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy Day Activities for Your Toddler

Was going crazy today for some fresh ideas on a rainy windy yucky day-- here is a starter list- feel free to share! My toddler is extremely active with a short attention span- so I think I can get a whole morning out of this...

1. Bath tub + Water Colors = at least 20 minutes of washable fun
2. Lay out a table cloth on the kitchen floor. Put some rice or oats in a cake pan- add a couple of plastic cups and your toddler will happily pour from one cup to another. There- at least another 15 minutes done!
3. Find a spray bottle and a washcloth. Show him how to spray and then "clean up". Seriously- they love it. Let him loose on the tile. Probably worth at least 10 minutes.
4. Make some homeade playdough. Making it is easy and fun (10 minutes) playing is better (20 minutes). Add a rolling pin, plastic fork, popscicle sticks and clothespins-- you may get an extra 10 minutes from it.
5. Build a fort with a sheet and the kitchen table and chairs. Throw some pillow under the table and squeeze in there for a story. (20 minutes)
6. Bubbles! Maybe while taking a bath. (15 minutes)
7. Organize the kitchen so that you have a cabinet of plastic cups and containers that can be stacked. Giggly fun and big crashes. (10 minutes)
8. Turn on the radio to the oldies and do a silly dance together. (5 minutes)
9. Is it nap time yet?? Lunch first- Let him/her help spread PBJ on bread. Messy and yummy. (15 minutes)
10. Stickers! Add markers and paper and you should be able to rest for about 5 minutes.
11. Build a ramp from the couch to the floor out of taped together ceral boxes or a cardboard box. Crash cars down the ramp and repeat (20 minutes)

Well that gets about 3 hours in anyway. Let me know if you have more and maybe I can get a whole day out of it. Now to implement!

This post was authored by Sarah, the principal designer from Sima Design. She runs an Etsy shop focusing on crafts and jewelry design with the help of her trusty  Epilog laser engraver and authors a blog while also working full-time as a mom of two.